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About Café Royal.

Excellent coffee through tradition, innovation and sustainability.

Café Royal

We have been procuring, refining and packaging coffee for Delica AG for decades. Our vast experience has taught us how to procure the best green coffee, roast it to perfection and provide the right packaging.

In order to provide you with the ultimate in coffee enjoyment, we set ourselves very high standards and act in accordance with our brand values. Café Royal unites tradition and experience with innovation and sustainability – from the moment the raw materials are delivered, throughout the entire refining process, right up to the packaging of the finished coffee products.

We produce Café Royal in accordance with the principle of sustainability. Our coffees are UTZ certified, which means that they are sustainably produced and shows that we value our suppliers. We are very sparing in our use of the materials that are required for our packaging.

The Café Royal range is constantly being expanded with new varieties, offering you a great choice of different flavours and methods of preparation. Ensuring that Café Royal products are of consistent quality is important to us. Coffee is a natural product and can therefore vary in quality, but we act to make sure that your favourite variety always tastes just the way it should.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide press material and put you in contact with our coffee experts. We would also be delighted to receive comments and suggestions via the Café Royal Facebook page.

Café Royal