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Office Pads

Café Royal compatible Office Pads for the Nespresso®*-Professional®*-System**

For those who love having excellent coffee at the office.

Café Royal Office Pads are specifically designed for use in your Nespresso®*-Pro®* machine. They are compatible with Zenius* machines, as well as with those of the Gemini* series (CS100/CS220) from the Nespresso®*-Business-Solutions®*.

Prepare your Café Royal from Nespresso®*-Professional®*-System**-compatible pads as usual. With four Café Royal coffee varieties to choose from, there will always be one for you. Our range includes the classic coffee specialities Espresso Forte, Lungo Forte, Ristretto and Espresso Decaffeinato.

Independent consumer and expert tests agree: Café Royal tastes great, forms a perfect crema and is very well suited for use in the Nespresso®*-Professional®*-System**.

The packaging of Café Royal is well thought through. Café Royal Office Pads are made from aluminium compound foil. As a result they adapt to your Nespresso®*-Pro®* machine**, without damaging the piercing mechanism.

Café Royal Office Pads protect the coffee powder inside and seal in its aromas. The aluminium compound foil pads are sealed and keep the coffee powder within fresh for a long time.

We are constantly developing our Café Royal Office Pads. Our claim is: Café Royal Office Pads are always compatible with Zenius* machines, as well as with those of the Gemini* series (CS100/CS220) from  Nespresso®*-Professional®*-System**.

Café Royal Office Pads have been tested and found to be suitable for the following Nespresso®* Professional®* machines**: Zenius* and the Gemini* series (CS100/CS220).

**Please check your existing guarantee and service agreements.

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